Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Craft Glass Ornaments

When I saw a picture of glass ball ornaments of the words Rudolph and the other reindeer names, I had to make these.

Supplies needed for 1 Rudolph ornament:

1 clear glass ball

2 googlie eyes

1 red pom-pom

1 brown or gold pipe cleaner

Shredded brown construction paper (shredded with a regular paper shredder)

Glue (Sobo is a better craft glue. It dries clear and never yellow with age)


paper plate or newspaper


1.) Set up your workspace area with the supplies above.

2.) Place some glue on the paper plate or newspaper.

3.) Take the metal pieces of the ornament and stuff the ornament with enough shredded construction paper, but do not overcrowd the paper (we mean it to show). Place the metal pieces back on the ornament.

4.) Dip the paintbrush in the glue and paint the back of each eye. Place both eyes onto the glass ball.

5.) Dip the red pom-pom into the glue and place below (right between) the eyes. This becomes the nose.

6.) Dip the paintbrush back into the glue and paint the metal cover (not the hanger) and the immediate surrounding area with the glue. Find the middle of the pipe cleaner and place it dead center against the metal, touch the glass and the metal at the same time. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the metal piece one time and twist the pipe cleaner in the back. The pipe cleaner is the antlers.

Hope you all enjoy the Holiday season!

Published by Karen Loraine

Crafter and experimenter

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