My name is Karen Loraine, owner of The purpose of Crafts As Gifts is to help promote and encourage new ideas of how to make gifts with what is already at home. This includes: gardening, crafts, and food recipes.

Why do this?

Here are some reasons why this blog is here:

1.) Teach the young and the elderly alike that, whatever your skill sets or expertise may be, gifts could be made in the home and not have to spend money on gas in addition to buying gifts.

2.) Quality control of ingredients and craft supplies will be controlled by the person who makes the homemade gifts. For example: having a garden means that the quality and quantity of herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers are under your control. What you put in your garden is what comes out of your garden. If you have an organic garden plants that grew from heirloom seeds, then organic heirloom garden plants are going to come out of that garden.

3.) Awareness of just how versatile of the kitchen and garden items is not what it used to be. For example: many know that lavender could be used in some crafts like wreaths, scent homemade carpet fresheners, and homemade air fresheners. However, awareness of the food items the lavender flowers could be used as an ingredient in has gone down (Lavender Cookies).

I hope to connect with crafters and non-crafters alike, regardless of age. This includes the home cook (who does not mind doing the work and save money at the same time), the crafter (who likes to try out new skills) and the gardener (who knows that the plants can be more than just pretty, however, does not realize just how versatile the usage of the plants are.)

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