Frosty the Snowman Ornaments

Frosty the Snowman ornaments/Karen Loraine

Last year, I got 11 giant plastic ornaments, which had a little black thing to go around the wire reminded me of an updated version of Frosty the Snowman’s hats, which was a beanie hat.

So this year, I made Frosty the Snowman ornaments with the little beanie hat on top.

Here is what is needed to make each Frosty the Snowman ornaments.


1 plastic ball ornament

Shredded white paper

2 wiggle eyes

1 orange pom-pom

elmer’s glue


1.) Take the wire out and stuff the ornament with white paper.

2.) Squeeze three dots of glue, spaced in an even triangular pattern, on the ornament.

3.) place the two wiggle eyes on the ball ornament, from left to right.

4.) place the orange pom-pom on the ball ornament, where the nose goes.

5.) let the ornaments dry with the nose pointed upwards.

Any child can make this ornament with the supervision of an adult.

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